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About our company

"Spezcontainer" JSC LTD:

  • Hire and loading of containers and wagons on the main terminals and logistics network nodes of the Russian railways.
  • Pays the freight charges on a single personal account of the payer to the network of Russian railways
  • Has a contract to pay for train fares on the railways of CIS and Baltic states.
  • Provides own empty containers at the request of the customer to the desired point of shipment as necessary.
  • Ensures the delivery of 20 'and 40' containers' to-door "of the client in more than 19 industrial regions of Russia,
  • Central and Middle Asia, the range of related services (readdressing cargo, customs clearance, etc.), the return of empty containers to any address on request.
  • Organizes international rail, road and sea transportation of cargo from / to the Baltic countries, CIS, Central
  • Asia, Europe, North and South America and Southeast Asia
  • Organizes specialized transport of dangerous goods by all modes of transport with the provision of own equipment.

Our standard package includes:

  • shipping containers of all types of "door to door";
  • transportation of all types of cargo by rail to its own cars;
  • specialized transport of perishable, liquid food and chemical and other goods to the provision of necessary equipment;
  • design of accompanying documents;
  • At the customer's fulfillment of export customs procedures;
  • payment of railway fare;
  • warehousing, storage, diverting, supply of rolling stock;
  • daily provision of information about the movement and whereabouts of the goods and the customer's equipment.

Our experts will develop the best logistics and arrange fast and safe delivery of cargo customers, both within Russia and abroad.